Cheap single board computers

Raspberry pi et al

Ponderous details of making the current generation of cheap but recognisably modern machines do interesting stuff, especially single board computers; little systems on a single PCB, usually based on ARM-type architectures.

You want inspiration? Alex McLean released his new album as a Raspberry pi.

Originally I didn’t care about these machines; but they turn out to be convenient and fun. Also in this era of justified paranoia, I might want to run separate apps on separate computers for increased safety; disposable miniature computers make this affordable.


There are various miscellaneous platforms with little brand recognition and less support; therse generally leverage similarity to a major player such as raspberry pi.

🏗 see if there good alternatives in the wilds of Ali express

Quad core 64 bit Korean Raspberry pi competitor: odroid-c2 or even faster odroid-xu4 They also make accessories such as sound cards.

Raspberry Pi

To find your headless pi on the network:

The default user on Raspbian is pi with the password raspberry. Change it.


Low-latency multi-channel audio machine: bela


NVIDIA make SBCs with GPUs such as jetson, although they don’t seem to have good audio natively…? Maybe HDMI.


Art installations

Are you doing this because you want to run a machine in a gallery?

Media Centres

You want a computer which just sites there and plays MP3s for you and has a weird crappy custom keyboard that makes it difficult to find things? This is not too hard; the main complciation is that there are many alternatives which change their names often. See Media centers.

Perhaps run volumio; that seems like the friendliest option, and Michelangelo the guiding genius is a super nice guy.

VPN Access Point

Nice idea. The inbuilt wifi is acceptable but I notice that in a bigger space might not be powerful enough. A USB Wifi dongle with a 5dBi gain antenna might be better. I would like to know if the purported decreased robustness of 802.11ac versus 802.11n is worth it. Reviews of USB wifi dongles here. Note there are also PoE (“Power over ethernet”) hats available which might be helpful for this usage.