Socially-mandated zoning out

Meditation. Feels like it might do something useful. Not quite as hip as LSD microdosing but much cheaper.

Questions: Can it help with life? With productivity? How much of it do you need to actually help? What kind?

Gwern, 2013 Lewis meditation results:

A small group of Quantified Selfers tested themselves daily on arithmetic and engaged in a month of meditation. I analyze their scores with a multilevel model with per-subject grouping, and find the expect result: a small decrease in arithmetic errors which is not statistically-significant, with practice & time-of-day effects (but not day-of-week or weekend effects). This suggests a longer experiment by twice as many experimenters in order to detect this effect.

Scott Alexander reviews a bunch of books, e.g. The Mind Illuminated, Mastering the ore teachings of the Buddha, and seems to come out saying… words.