Online estimation

An online learning perspective gives bounds on the regret: the gap between in performance between online estimation and the optimal estimator when we have access to the entire data.

Frequently seen in the context of bandit problems; connection TBD.


John D Cook:

This better way of computing variance goes back to a 1962 paper by B. P. Welford and is presented in Donald Knuth’s Art of Computer Programming, Vol 2, page 232, 3rd edition.

  • Initialize \(M_1 = x_1\) and \(S_1 = 0.\)
  • For subsequent \(x\)s, use the recurrence formulas \[M_k = M_{k-1} + (x_k – M_{k-1})/k\] \[S_k = S_{k-1} + (x_k – M_{k-1})(x_k – M_k).\]
  • For \(2 \leq k \leq n\), the \(k\)th estimate of the variance is \[s_k^2 = S_k/(k – 1).\]

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