Offline backups that do not need batteries

Simple printing things, especially in Sydney, for non-designers like me.


The following list borrows from Chantelle FatMumSlim who reviews photo printing options for Australia.

  • Camera House. FatMumSlim’s pick. It is a reseller for dakis, a turnkey photo printing system. It charges me much money for postage because it wants to do courier delivery for some reason?
  • Officeworks Requires the Flash player plugin, which is a giant obsolete security hole, which it would be wise to uninstall after use. Best to uninstall after use. Moreover the Flash interface is excruciatingly bad. If I want to upload 100 photos I need to press the upload button 100 times. It will happily upload duplicates and bill me twice. Delivery is expensive so I’d better want to pick them up myself.
  • Harvey Norman Also requires Flash. The interface is bad but not quite as bad as officeworks. In fact, it seems to be a slightly more recently updated version of the officeworks software.
  • Photobox
  • Picturepostie
  • Snapfish

Backlit signs

My local backlit printer does small run backlit which is fiddly.

QR codes

Sigh. QR codes have actually been useful to me.



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