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November 1, 2017 — October 27, 2021

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For now, my favourite questions are filed under designing movements and better governance.

Here is a scrapbook of amusing quotes and links.

Figure 1

Dan Simpson reimagines reproducible science as queer anarchism:

…after tearing down existing structures, anarchists need to have a vision of a new reality that isn’t simply an inversion of the existing hierarchy (you know. Reducing the significance threshold. Using Bayes Factors instead of p-values. Pre-registering without substantive theory.) A true anarchist, the book suggested, needs to queer rather than invert the existing structures and build a more equitable version of the world.

So let’s build open and reproducible science as a queer reimagining of science and not a small perturbation of the world that is. Such a system will never be perfect. Just lusting to be better.

Michael F. Leonen, Etiquette for Activists mentions the classic line associated with Lilla Watson:

If you have come to help me, I don’t need your help. But if you have come because your liberation is tied to mine, let us work together.

Figure 2

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