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For now, my favourite questions are filed under designing movements and better governance.

Here is a scrapbook of amusing quotes and links.

Dan Simpson reimagines reproducible science as queer anarchism:

…after tearing down existing structures, anarchists need to have a vision of a new reality that isn’t simply an inversion of the existing hierarchy (you know. Reducing the significance threshold. Using Bayes Factors instead of p-values. Pre-registering without substantive theory.) A true anarchist, the book suggested, needs to queer rather than invert the existing structures and build a more equitable version of the world.

So let’s build open and reproducible science as a queer reimagining of science and not a small perturbation of the world that is. Such a system will never be perfect. Just lusting to be better.

Michael F. Leonen, Etiquette for Activists mentions the classic line associated with Lilla Watson:

If you have come to help me, I don’t need your help. But if you have come because your liberation is tied to mine, let us work together.


Brummet, Quentin, and Davin Reed. 2019. The Effects of Gentrification on the Well-Being and Opportunity of Original Resident Adults and Children.” Working paper (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) 19-30. Rochester, NY: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

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