Especially bikes where I live, which means Sydney at the moment

How to bike

The 90stastic bike resource, as useful and lucid as it is guilelessly messy, is the marvellous Sheldon Brown’s how-to guide (e.g. How do I work with cantilever brakes?)

Bike light

Ding lights are Australian-designed lights that also have a downlight to illuminate the road and the cyclist, assisting the cyclist and approaching drivers. AUD170.

Knog does bike lights with well-designed removable clips.

Local vendors

Omafiets, the bike shop where I have the most friends working.

Linusbikes and their attempt at non-ugly bike luggage.

That bizarre electric bike computer thing

A.k.a. Those original 80s/90s solar powered computer bikes that I always forget the names of.

The names I’m looking for are… Winnebiko and BEHEMOTH, created by technomad, Steven K. Roberts a.k.a. microship. He went on to make boats that are even more ridiculously geeked out than his bikes

Riding goggles

Essential in these desertified, windy times. See goggles


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