Self portrait with financial plan

Sensible investing

No nonsense: Mr Money Moustache and The Barefoot Investor and other FIRE (Financially independent, retire early) practitioners.

Australia-compatible online accounting

Saasu Xero hiveage can be made to support Australian taxes with their custom tax services.

I was not impressed with Freshbooks last time I used it, seeming expensive while offering no more features than its competitors.

NB I am only very intermittently freelancing, so I care more about a low base-rate cost than a full-timer might.

Sharehouse accounting

easyshare, splitwise, splitr, chors via ourhome.

Australian Superannuation tax optimising

Complicated, but there is a calculator if you are too lazy for an accountant: Super contributions optimiser.

ESG investing

The consumer-accessible Australian Ethical Investment is probably the easiest on-boarding for ethical consumption.

Wholsesale Fees are reasonable (if you have AUD25K or more).

Maximum happnesss for minimum expensditure

See optimal hedonism.


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