Bio marker tracking

We are probably not going to optimize ourselves out of mortality, but it feels good to try nonetheless

Quantified self for genes and blood (etc) chemistry. Personalised preventative medicine etc.


Frank Harrell, How to Do Bad Biomarker Research

Biomarker Uncertainty Principle: A molecular signature derived from high-dimensional data can be either parsimonious or predictive, but not both.

We have more data than ever, more good data than ever, a lower proportion of data that are good, a lack of strategic thinking about what data are needed to answer questions of interest, sub-optimal analysis of data, and an occasional tendency to do research that should not be done.

See also quantified self, personalized medicine.

Acquiring data

  • inside tracker seems to roll in some analytics for biomonitors, and also suggested interventions.
  • i-screen seems to be the easy one to use in Australia. Not outrageously expensive, merely annoyingly expensive.


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