Bio marker tracking

Instrumenting health to improve it

January 11, 2022 — July 18, 2023

faster pussycat

Quantified self for genes and blood (etc) chemistry. Personalised preventative medicine etc. I am mostly interested in quotididian health here, a.k.a. fitness. There are many other things that one might wish to moderate ones blood chemistry for. Life extension looks specialised.

Figure 1

1 Theory

Frank Harrell, How to Do Bad Biomarker Research

Biomarker Uncertainty Principle: A molecular signature derived from high-dimensional data can be either parsimonious or predictive, but not both.

We have more data than ever, more good data than ever, a lower proportion of data that are good, a lack of strategic thinking about what data are needed to answer questions of interest, sub-optimal analysis of data, and an occasional tendency to do research that should not be done.

See also quantified self, personalized medicine.

2 Acquiring data

  • inside tracker seems to roll in some analytics for biomonitors, and also suggested interventions.
  • i-screen seems to be the easy one to use in Australia. Not outrageously expensive, merely annoyingly expensive.

3 Tools

4 Incoming

5 References