Coffee and caffeine

March 25, 2018 — September 21, 2023

Figure 1

Variations on the theme of Yemen’s great gift to the world.

1 Coffee paraphernalia

Where to get tools for my primary drug of choice.

Alternative brewing sells paraphenalia in australia.

1.1 Cheap espresso machines

Two machines that are suppose to provide “best value” espresso experience:

2 Pharmacology

Here are some studies I have seen cited to claim that one should not drink coffee in the first hour after waking (Lovallo et al. 2005; Drake et al. 2013; Debono et al. 2009; Fries, Dettenborn, and Kirschbaum 2009).

3 Incoming

Nick Jikomes: Just learned that fluvoxamine, a common SSRI used to treat depression and other psychiatric conditions, increases the half-life of caffeine in the bloodstream. Like, to an absurd degree

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