April 8, 2015 — March 24, 2021

making things
sparser than thou

Users’s guide to hues and the magic of sensing an infinite spectrum with only 4 types of light sensors in the human eyeball, and to the difficulties of reproducing that magic for print and RGB display. A case of dimensionality reduction, one of histories more lengthily studied.

1 Philosophy

2 Practicalities

Design for non-designers. This is indeed the original what color is the bikeshed problem. Naturally enough, there are too many options.

2.1 Maximally distinct colours

t Via Tom Blau, Where can I find a large palette / set of contrasting colors for coloring many datasets on a plot?.

2.2 Informative colour maps

2.3 Harmonious colour palettes

3 Color in Inkscape

4 Colour in imagemagick

Colorspace conversions are hidden in imagemagick.

Figure 2: Tadashi Tokieda