Hardened mobile

Trusting the computer that follows you around all day

The mobile twin to hardened desktop OSes.

Reducing the amount of spyware on your phone through better accountability.

(Securing the apps is a whole ’nother layer atop that.)

Basic android securing

Which android phones do not leave gaping unpatched security holes?. tl;dr – Google, LG, then everyone else. * 🏗 google tracking android devices

Hardened phones

The hypothetical grugq phone.


Mobile: blackphone is a whole secure mobile device? Is this project still alive?

App selection

It is not clear which apps are safe. For example, Tiktok is not.

The same fingerprinting script and cookie is used on Bytedance’s news site Toutiao. So: If someone shares a video, Bytedance can

  1. tie the recipients of the video to the sender
  2. track recipients subsequently on Tiktok and Toutiao even if cookies are deleted.