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I do not want google docs knowing everything about me, but I want to work with my peers. What are my alternatives for collaborative document editing, collaborative equation formatting, collaborative project management?

Psychologoy, sociology, other theory

See online collaboration.



I should raid one of the alternatives lists and compare the options there. Notion and Nuclino are famous in this realm.

If you absolutely must work on an MS word doc, you could try simuldocs, which is a realtime microsoft collaborative editor.

Task management


See online whiteboards.


See videoconferencing.


For now the only game in town for mathmatical documents is Overleaf (formerly ShareLaTeX) This is a collaborative, open-source browser-based online LaTeX editor. See its entry.


Here are some untested online tools that promise realtime code collaboration.

IDE sharing

Live share for VS code is the thing I am currently auditioning. It converts VS Code into a real time collaboration environment It can even run a webserver version of VS code, so your collaborators do not need to install VS Code. Caveat: does not yet support jupyter notebooks.

For Atom there is teletype.

Floobits: Commercial. Supports Sublime text, Atom, Neovim, Emacs, IntelliJ Idea USD15/month for 5 …somethings. Projects? Users?

Browser-based apps

None of these have the infrastructure I want and are not recommended. If youa re developing web-facing JS apps, they might work better for you.


plutoview is collaborative web-surfing.

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