Online whiteboards

Online collaborative drawing, for, e.g. doing mathematics online or general collaborative diagrams. Many options here but I have not managed to have a truly satisfactory experience yet, although I have not committed time to this. I suspect that most of the options are going to need some kind of stylus input to be any use, at least for the writing-heavy workflows I care about.

An open source option that promises collaboration and end-to-end encryption is Excalidraw (source.) It seems to do most of what I want?

There are many others. Interactive scratchpad Collusion (USD20/user/month), Bitpaper (approx USD1/page) is a collective sketch page. desmos is an online collaborative graphing calculator. Mural (USD20/user/month), …

There are other options which are offered only on assinine enterprise pricing (e.g. Blackboard Collaborate) which I will not trouble with here.

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