Quantified self

Instrumentation and analytics for body and soul. Punk DIY precision medicine.

Other people have written much more about principled self experimentation, so I will not. Here are some links though.

Obligatory: The tragic morality fable, Seth Roberts’ Final Column: Butter Makes Me Smarter.

Subjective things

Measuring moods? See the Experience Sampling Method (Verhagen et al. 2016; Hektner, Schmidt, and Csikszentmihalyi 2007) or Swan (2013).


See bio-markers.


  • A set of watchers that record relevant information about what you do and what happens on your computer (such as if you are AFK or not, or which window is currently active).
  • A way of storing data collected by the watchers.
  • A dataformat accomodating most logging needs due to its flexibility.
  • An ecosystem of tools to help users extend the software to fit their needs.


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