Transferring money

September 6, 2016 — January 11, 2024

computers are awful together
Figure 1

Sick of your financial data being used to find out things about you that even you didn’t know?

Sick of usurious international transfer fees?

How do you do international payments without them?

1 Credit cards

They track my expenditure and keep on trying to persuade me that my transactions are fraudulent, which is very frustrating when, e.g. they reason that last transaction came from a different country was that I was in a different country and please could I have that plane ticket after all I want to go home? At the same time, I did get skimmed or phished recently and it was nice that the financial institution was able to return my money quickly.

2 Cryptocurrencies

See cryptocurrencies.

3 Wise

4 Revolut

  • Revolut trades crypto stocks and foreign currencies while having a debit card and disposable credit cards for privacy preservation.

5 Paypal

Odious company, rather expensive, but widely accepted despite their deficiencies because of lock-in.

6 Envelope full of cash

Usually illegal, AFAICT. Risky.

7 Escrow

Good escrow services? I don’t know, but here are some of unknown quality that I found online.

You can also do this via cryptocurrencies, which offer various escrow systems, but I am not experienced enough in those to make recommendations.

8 Wechat pay


9 Other alternatives

OKPay? Some kind of augmented mobile-first, developing-nation-friendlier payment system? 🏗