The Dan MacKinlay family of variably-well-considered enterprises

You surely didn’t come here to look at my face.

You came here because of one of my projects:

  • My notebooks concerning whatever shiny thing distracted me and needed notes taken, such as

    • interesting problems in statistical inference,
    • tedious technicalities in solving said interesting problems,
    • survival tips, broadly construed, for wherever I am living, and
    • philosophy of each of the above things.

    My references are online, in particular my own publications. There is also an intermittent blog, upon even more ephemeral ephemera.

  • Lotekno, a Sundanese pop/electronic dance music crossover collaboration that I co-founded.

  • Bodywerk, my slammin’ DJ project.

  • Synestizer, an audiovisual synthesizer for which I am technical lead.

  • Efek Samping, my solo abstract electronic art music project.

  • My github page hosts various software I wrote.

  • Contact me for information about other projects, why not?

Wait, you did come here for my face?

You’ll have to scroll down a little, then.

Hi, I’m Dan MacKinlay.

I’m a statistician and musician from Australia. Musician should be clear. Statistician, though, what’s that? A statistician is the exact same thing as a data scientist or machine learning researcher with the differences that there are qualifications needed to be a statistician, and that we are snarkier.

These days I work across data analysis, music, generative design and machine learning, especially for time series. I’ve been based at various times at such locations as

I’m currently at CSIRO’s Data61 researching topics in hybrid machine learning methods for physical sciences.

My current methods of interest are point process inference, compressive sensing, Gaussian processes, sequential Monte Carlo methods, concatenative synthesis, differentiable learning, branching processes, Hilbert-space methods in high dimensional inference, stochastic differential equations and the application of all of these to physical modeling engineering and sick breakbeats.

Kontaktieren Sie bitte mich / Silahkan hubungi / Contact me.

My face

Portrait of me by Michiel Goudswaard, Alexanderplatz 2015.

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Contact me

If you have projects that can pay for data science, statistics or machine learning, AI or whatever you call it, let me know. My current contract will not last forever. If you do not have a budget but your cause it righteous, let me know. You might be able to charm me into volunteer coaching.