Non-uniform signal sampling

Discrete sample representation of continuous signals without a grid

January 8, 2019 — August 8, 2023

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Figure 1

Signal sampling without a uniform grid and thus a simple Nyquist Theorem. It turns out that this generalisation is not necessarily fatal for the theory.

There are reviews in a functional analysis setting (Piroddi and Petrou 2004; Babu and Stoica 2010; Unser 2000; Adcock et al. 2014; Adcock and Hansen 2016).

This problem AFAICT becomes much easier to state at least if one can use priors to provide a theoretically tractable model of the nonuniformly sampled signal. The Gaussian process formalism for probabilistic spectral analysis, is one such method is even computationally tractable using the methods of e.g. Saatçi (2012).

For FFT of unevenly sampled points, you can try the Non uniform FFT. (“NuFFT”)

Implementations of non-uniform sampling methods.

🏗 Lomb—Scargle periodogram and its uses.

1 Neural methods

For now see implicit neural representations and neural ODEs.

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