(Geo)spatial data sets

In which I complain about paying a nominal fee for giant rocket robots that scan the earth from space

Satellite images, geological tomography, climate and data records, miscellaneous useful data points about our globe

Maps and satellite photos

Here is a review of satellite image sources. I have only checked out a handful of these. If you just want eye candy, NASA Visible Earth is a good one. I’m fond of LANDSAT maps. Various can be found through Earth Explorer. All these resources blur into one after a while, with similarly confusing interfaces, and unexpected UI glitches and apparently random surprise pricing structures revealed belatedly.

See also Australia-specific stuff.


CHIRPS: Rainfall Estimates from Rain Gauge and Satellite Observations

pangeo is an umbrella organisation providing many geospatial data tools including a catalogue of hydrological, oceanographic and suchlike.

from intake import open_catalog

cat = open_catalog("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pangeo-data/pangeo-datastore/master/intake-catalogs/master.yaml")

Extreme Weather Dataset Racah et al. (2017) includes for each year a (1460,16,768,1152) array, containing

  • 1460 example images (4 per day, 365 days in the year)
  • 16 channels in each image corresponding to various weather-related quantities
  • each channel is 768 x 1152 corresponding to one measurement per 25 square km on earth


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