Being stroppy

For malcontents too perverse to be contrarian like everyone else

⚠️ Content warning ⚠️

Links to and discussion of edgy people with perverse opinions on hot-button topics too diverse to mention but which surely include gender, eugenics, speech and religion

Notes on eccentrics, mavericks, outsider geniuses and fools. Stroppy people. Lacking an identifiable label so you show up in diversity metrics? Not sure whether you are rebelling against society, or conforming to a subgroup? How do you get by as a mad outsider? Will you be right twice a day? Do you want to find a rationale for people like you? How about that you are useful for innovation?

Crazy ideas are mostly wrong

Case studies?

Eccentricity and group context

For an interesting perspective on whether taking one for the team and being the house oddball is worthwhile, see Olga Khazan on Living and Flourishing While Being Weird (Khazan 2021).


Thanks Jim Benton


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