Contemporary rationalists and contrarians

Cloth mother/wire mother for cognition

I read enough of these blogs that I need a linking hub. But I have nothing to say as yet; Maybe I will list my favourite cold takes here?

I will refrain from excessive comment on the unfortunate label.

The least boring take on the deletion of Statestarcodex.

Rationalist path to reason has definite parallels with the induction process into a cult, although notionally a cult wherein the inner truths you unlock are distinguished in certain ways

  1. Sometimes they seem to be more empircially informed than, e.g scientology
  2. Not obviously disposed to turning you into an cog in a charismatic cult leader army

Nonetheless there is a sacred text and much commentary by the learned. This is not a criticism, BTW, or at least not one that I think any card-carrying rationalist would refute. This gang is all about knowingly leveraging the weird crevices and biases of the human mind to hack themselves.

Rationalist dialect.

There is a complicated vocabulary for compassion, sympathy and empathy. Is there evidence that this vocabulary leads to better thinking?
update my priors
Strict bayesian
effective altruism
Marginally data-informed charity