Automatic programming

A cousin to neural automata: writing machines to code for us. We might also want to write code to speak for us, which end up involving simlar technology

Github copilot

GitHub Copilot uses suggestions from OpenAI Codex to suggest code completion.

Pro tip. for use behind a firewall, requires the following whitelist exceptions:


See Networks VS Code for some more whitelest rules we need.

I am vaguely concerned about how much of the world is uploading their source code for everything to these code servers. The potential for abuse is huge.



Codeium has been developed by the team at Exafunction to build on the industry-wide momentum on foundational models. We realized that the combination of recent advances in generative models and our world-class optimized deep learning serving software could provide users with top quality AI-based products at the lowest possible costs (or ideally, free!).


Querying Glean:

Glean is a system for working with facts about source code. It is designed for collecting and storing detailed information about code structure, and providing access to the data to power tools and experiences from online IDE features to offline code analysis.

For example, Glean could answer all the questions you’d expect your IDE to answer, accurately and efficiently on a large-scale codebase. Things like:

  • Where is the definition of this method?
  • Where are all the callers of this function?
  • Who inherits from this class?
  • What are all the declarations in this file?

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