Diversity as an end in itself

On a rich and vibrant ecosystem of culture and thought

December 13, 2021 — December 13, 2021

Figure 1

Is cultivating diversity and difference an end in itself? The end? We might argue that it is good for innovation to foster weirdos. Or that diverse teams are more effective. But those are all instrumental goods. What if being a freak is a good in itself?

I have a short essay in my mind here about the intrinsic worth of human oddity, as opposed to human uniformity. Is there something beneficial about probing the configuration space of possible humans? Of possible intelligences? Of how maybe it is more efficient to have a monoculture but that way lies despair?

For me, personally, it is important to be around diverse and different people. This is not to say that I always enjoy being around people different to me. It is more that I like better who I am, if I am forced to deal with slightly more different sorts of people than I would lazily include in my [bubbleepistemic community.


Figure 2