Ensemble Kalman methods

Sloppy filters for over-ambitious models

A random-sampling variant/generalisation of the Kalman-Bucy filter, much like particle filters, but with a few tweaks that make it more tenable in very high dimensional state spaces. A popular data assimilation method for spatiotemporal models.

Ensemble Kalman filters make it somewhat easier to wring estimates out of data.

Tutorial introductions

Katzfuss, Stroud, and Wikle (2016); Mandel (2009); Roth et al. (2017); Fearnhead and KΓΌnsch (2018). Wikle and Berliner (2007) puts in in a broader data assimilation context.

System identification in

G. Evensen (2009); Malartic, Farchi, and Bocquet (2021); Moradkhani et al. (2005)

Rigorous theory of

Bishop and Del Moral (2020); Del Moral, Kurtzmann, and Tugaut (2017); Garbuno-Inigo et al. (2020); Kelly, Law, and Stuart (2014); Le Gland, Monbet, and Tran (2009); Taghvaei and Mehta (2019).

Iterative ensemble smoothers

Chada, Chen, and Sanz-Alonso (2021); Luo et al. (2015); White (2018); Zhang et al. (2018).

Relation to particle filters

Close. See particle filters.


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