Conference posters

Comes the time when a student must spell the eldritch symbols for this occult rite of great but inscrutable importance

Of the three wyrd sisters poster, presentation, paper that comprise the ritual for conjuring an academic career, post is the least regarded.


More broadly, get some hot advice from…


See PDFs for some useful practical mechanics of printing.

Pro-tip: if you are plotting using python, you should be aware that seaborn has a poster mode for scaling line widths sensibly.

Biorender poster

I do not know if biorender poster is any good, but it does ceom from scientific communication experts.


Scribus is a good open source desktop publisher system (think InDesign, but free.)

The in-built LaTeX renderer does not support big font sizes but one can force that manually by overriding the supplied preamble.

This still doesn’t get you the correct margins, which matters for long equations. For that you need Chloé-Agathe Azencott’s LaTeX geometry hacks. Combining these we et

\usepackage[left=0cm,top=0cm,right=0cm,bottom=0cm,nohead,nofoot, paperwidth=$scribus_realwidth$pt,paperheight=$scribus_realheight$ pt]{geometry}

\usepackage{fourier}% uses Utopia font for text and math


\mathcal{A}\{c\phi\}(\xi)&= c^2\mathcal{A}\{\phi\}(\xi)\\
\mathcal{A}\{\phi(r t)\}(\xi)&= \frac{1}{r} \mathcal{A}\{\phi\}\left(\frac{\xi}{r}\right)\\
\mathsf{E}\left[ \mathcal{A}\{S_1\phi + S_2\phi'\}(\xi)\right]
&=\mathcal{A}\{\phi\}(\xi)+ \mathcal{A}\{\phi'\}(\xi) \\

where\(\{S_i\}\) are i.i.d. Rademacher variables.