Long form podcasts

Suppliers of audiobooks

  • The classic free/volunteer one is librivox
  • Open Culture indexes free audiobooks
  • Commercial service with permissive licensing (No Australians allowed)
  • Commercial service downpour (No Australians allowed)
  • Quasi-monopoly, Amazon’s Audible has probably the biggest selection (Australians allowed)


Audible would like you to listen to your books in one of the mandated Audible playing apps (e.g. iTunes), which are not in fact the most pleasant audio players to use. Players that are less horrible, or which allow transcoding to less horrible formats, improve greatly this experience.

  • Openaudible is an open source alternative client for audible. It can do nice things like bulk metadata export. I recommend this. It is free, and no more clunky than the following, commercial options, plus has extra features.
  • noteburner is feature-light but seemed to actually work last time I checked. (Windows/macOS)
  • Macsome Audiobook/itunes converter (macOS/Windows) is sporadically updated, and had trouble with recent iTunes)
  • tuneskit seemed to not work any longer last time I checked. (macOS/Windows)