Recommender systems

Not my area, but I need a landing page to refer to for some non-specialist contacts of mine.

I am most familiar with the matrix factorization approaches (e.g. factorization machines, NNMF) but there are many, e.g. variational autoencoder approaches are en vogue.

An overview by Javier lists many approaches.

  1. Most Popular recommendations (the baseline)
  2. Item-User similarity based recommendations
  3. kNN Collaborative Filtering recommendations
  4. GBM based recommendations
  5. Non-Negative Matrix Factorization recommendations
  6. Factorization Machines (Steffen Rendle 2010)
  7. Field Aware Factorization Machines (Yuchin Juan, et al, 2016)
  8. Deep Learning based recommendations (Wide and Deep, Heng-Tze Cheng, et al, 2016)
  9. Neural Collaborative Filtering (Xiangnan He et al., 2017)
  10. Neural Graph Collaborative Filtering (Wang Xiang et al. 2019)
  11. Variational Autoencoders for Collaborative Filtering (Dawen Liang et al,. 2018)

Quentin Bacquet curtly summarises some methods and their performance on a problem, and more deeply introduces the VAE method with an implementation.

TBD: vowpal wabbit can do fast recommendations, but the manual is abstruse. Link to the preferred method and make some vague recommendations.


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