Who I donate to

Expensive value signalling

Some things I care about are best outsourced. I mention these here because

  1. I believe in normalising donations as part of a healthy society. (This is a contingent stance; many of the causes I donate to have the goal of reducing the need for charitable donation, which I think is better than having a society which relies upon affluent guilt.)
  2. I hope that by highlighting the causes I donate to I will encourage others to donate to them, which is good since I want them to succeed
  3. For my own reference, I want a centralised list of who I am donating to so that I can stop my donations if I decide the recipient is no longer aligned with my values.
  4. Maybe if donating to saving the planet becomes the new conspicuous consumption, then not only will I look fancy, I’ll even have a planet to look fancy on.

Listing these organisations here should obviously not be taken as my personal endorsement of any individual tactical decision made by any of them, nor my blanket support of all positions they may adopt, simply my conditional belief that funding these particular groups is a high leverage way to help us all on balance (me included 🤞).

Unlike many Effective Altruist organisations donor lists there is little mention here of mosquito nets or whatever. I am interested especially in organisations which can credibly change the system to enable us humans to solve problems for ourselves in the face of an unsatisfactory status quo.

For reference, my current donation level is 4% of my income. Unless there is a burning emergency I attempt to provide recurring donations to my donation recipients, to provide budgeting certainty and reduce the incentive for alarmism and clickbait.

  • Original power Australian-Indigenous-led campaign for self-determination through clean energy (this mob ticks so many boxes at once it is kind of nuts).

  • The Guardian because they are one of more credible dissident media organisations in Murdochistan.

  • Thunderbird, because it is the closest to being a decent linux email client.

  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition, because a strong voice for the youth is needed, as they are the ones who will have the greatest proportion of their lives ruined by climate crisis.

  • Getup, because they provide a citizen interest voice to balance out the corporate interest voice at a time when citizen participation in democracy is under attack.

  • Richard Boyle, whose persecution by the Australian government for whistleblowing on government activity is one of several test cases in the Australian authoritarian turn.

  • Whonix because it is a slightly esoteric light bit of harm minimisation for avoiding the chilling effects of state surveillance of citizen, so I figure they need it more than the slightly less esoteric but still important tails.

  • Manyverse for exactly the same reason.

  • Zotero who build amazing infrastructure for my citations.

  • Various creators on Patreon I can’t work out how to link to en masse:

    • end.user whose music I love and who gives me nifty samples for my own music.
    • Chris Randall because he is passionate about electronic music in a different way than I am and that is refreshing.
    • End of shi(f)t report the most harrowing and clever nursing blog I have ever read
    • Oglaf because I like fancy dick jokes.
    • Emiliano Heyns who builds useful infrastructure for my citations
    • Michael Betancourt because he is a giant nerd doing useful nerdy things for other giant nerds like me, such as explaining diffeomorphisms.
    • The Dragon Friends because I like nerdy improv comedy, I cannot help it.
    • Jon Rosenberg because I use his comics in my presentations all the time so he deserves a kickback
    • Marie Brennan whose books I love, why not?
    • Dave Kellett
    • Laszlo Montgomery whose idiosyncratic style, endless curiosity and fascination I find addictive and somehow cheering. Plus also the history of China is fascinating.

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